Sound Design

Auditory sensations are no doubt a very powerful tool to communicate messages.
Sounds have the power to express what images cannot. Whether for an artistic or marketing purpose you can reach those targets through sound design.

Whatever your project a good sound identity is your best ally to ensure your clients and followers will remember you faster. Let’s talk about your project at our studio. We will create the sound identity you are looking for.

Voice Over

We live in excess of information and images. The sound plays a very important part to distinguish you from others and capture the attention of those who would require your information.

Listening being easier than reading, the voice efficiently reaches that purpose. Moreover, the way to talk will create affinity links highly defined by a sector or specific audience.

In our studio we work on capturing the voice in the best possible way in order to fully expand the content of your projects.

Video editing

You can hardly believe how the way you edit images can modify the meaning of a video recording. It is very true for cinema, short movies, but also for marketing videos, product presentations or even social or artistic events.

In all these cases it is very important to know what we want to communicate through a video recording.

At our studio we have the sensibility to understand and mix the best way the visual content of your projects in order to reach the best impact.

Live Streaming

Grow your global audience with the power of live video on all major distribution platforms, like Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube.
Interact in real time with your community and transform every event into an engaging conversation.
Keep a consistent brand identity with custom graphic elements, such as:Intro, Outro, Fonts, Colors, Logos,and Overlays of Speaker names!