A VR experience at Ouishare Festival 2017

OuiShare Fest Paris 2017

We were happy to take part in this amazing festival learning and shearing experiences with people from all around the world. We participated supporting BOUBBLE VR agency in the VR section to bring funny experiences to the visitors. Many were experiencing virtual reality for the first time playing games and watching 360° videos.

Sound is a key element to successful immersive experiences

Sound is a key element to successful immersive experiences. We are always curious to learn how people move and react in such circumstances, because it is important for us in order to continue designing audio for these technologies.

We follow sounds as they work there way into the ear where they are registered and transformed into action potentials. This mechanism not only helps you hear but also helps maintain your equilibrium.

A soundscape is more than just window dressing in VR. The noises that surround the player communicate a lot about the world that users are traversing, about the puzzles that they need to solve, and about the attitude with which they should approach levels. The sound, alongside the visuals, occur so close to the player as to feel as if they’re happening within the player’s own head, everything feels far more intimate. There’s no barrier between the sounds and the user, and when the player turns their head, the sounds move with them, creating an experience that our minds are able to trust without forcing a suspension of disbelief.

OuiShare Fest Paris 2017

OuiShare Fest Paris gathers 1,500 visionaries, entrepreneurs and movement builders to explore how digital technologies and a more collaborative culture can address the great challenges of our time.

For this 5th edition, we invite cities and citizens with cutting-edge tools and radical solutions to join forces and build new alliances in order to achieve systemic change.

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