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Studio Wakal / Creative Projects

TOKYO 2020

Which shapes, colours, symbols and movements could represent an entire country? What if we could talk about an entire country with a single design?

Here is our logo proposal for Japan 2020 Olympic Games. We worked on two versions the Olympic and Paralympic logo inspired by sakura flower and Mount Fuji.
We were proudly selected among 16,000 participants, and though we did not win it was an extraordinary experience. Congrats to the winning logo!


Fifty-six years after having organised the Olympic Games, the Japanese capital will be hosting a Summer edition for the second time, from 24 July to 9 August 2020. The Games in 1964 radically transformed the country. According to the organisers of the event in 2020, the Games of the XXXII Olympiad of the modern era will be “the most innovative ever organised, and will rest on three fundamental principles to transform the world: striving for your personal best (achieving your personal best); accepting one another (unity in diversity); and passing on a legacy for the future (connecting to tomorrow)”.


Pleiades is a project by Japanese artist Fukuko Ando inspired by The Pleiades star cluster . We designed the sound identity for the Paris exhibit housed in beautiful Pershing Hall Hotel. We also produced the setup the video of the artist presenting the project.

The Kase

A project for the brand The Kase. In order to promote the brand to prospective franchisee in Great Britain, the Kase needed a voice-over with British accent for their brand presentation video. We casted the voice, recorded, produced and post-produced this voice-over.

Des créateurs du monde entier, des boutiques dans chaque continent, des marques venant de tous les coins du monde : The Kase est une marque résolument internationale dont l’ambition est d’exister partout, là où on l’attend le moins et, surtout, près de chez vous.

The Kase, c’est aussi un réseau physique en pleine expansion. Présent aujourd’hui sur 5 continents, nous comptons à notre actif 80 boutiques en Europe (65 en France, mais aussi des magasins en Belgique, Luxembourg, Suisse et Italie), 10 points de ventes en Asie (Hong Kong, Singapour, Indonésie, Philippines), 5 au Moyen-Orient (Turquie, Qatar, Arabie Saoudite, Emirats Arables Unis) et 4 aux USA.
Le réseau The Kase s’agrandit chaque jour et va s’étendre encore sur de nombreux pays.

Acoustic Space

Our clients trust in our common sense and style to redesign spaces. This is what we did in this loft set in Paris trendy and booming 18th arrondissement. We achieved bringing warmth to this loft build around several living spaces that used to be cold and not very comfortable offices. We worked on letting natural light in and using natural untreated wood that is unharmful to health. It is now a place where you feel like resting and having tea with your slippers on!

Salon du Chocolat

A project for one of Paris most important exhibits: Salon du Chocolat. We worked on the design, production and setup of the stand for the brand “UNELEFANTE”, a Mexican chocolate producer. The brand is characterised by its dynamic and colourful attitude and its unique mixes of original flavours.

The client entrusted us the project from Monterrey, Mexico and we truly enjoyed working for them. Yummy, we love chocolate!

studio recording

Auditory sensations are no doubt a very powerful tool to communicate messages.
Sounds have the power to express what images cannot. Whether for an artistic or marketing purpose you can reach those targets through sound design.

Whatever your project a good sound identity is your best ally to ensure your clients and followers will remember you faster. Let’s talk about your project at our studio. We will create the sound identity you are looking for.

We live in excess of information and images. The sound plays a very important part to distinguish you from others and capture the attention of those who would require your information.

Listening being easier than reading, the voice efficiently reaches that purpose. Moreover, the way to talk will create affinity links highly defined by a sector or specific audience.

In our studio we work on capturing the voice in the best possible way in order to fully expand the content of your projects.

You can hardly believe how the way you edit images can modify the meaning of a video recording. It is very true for cinema, short movies, but also for marketing videos, product presentations or even social or artistic events.

In all these cases it is very important to know what we want to communicate through a video recording.

At our studio we have the sensibility to understand and mix the best way the visual content of your projects in order to reach the best impact.